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singaporeStudy in Singapore
Population–4,608,595Area–648 sq km
Language–Chinese, English
Religion–Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Roman Catholic

Singapore is the definition of East meets West. It is arguably the cleanest city on earth, featuring ultramodern skyscrapers peering over lush green belts of parkland. It has numerous things to entice and fascinate modern, culture-seeking students. Its also a charming multicultural city where Eastern and Western influences fuse in both language and culture. In Singapore, foreigners make up more than 40% of the population; including thousands of international student. The City is famed as the business, education and financial hub of South East Asia, having recently bagged the title of the worlds fastest-growing economy. Education is one of the most important means by which we help our young and the youth realize their potential. Singapore offers a world-class, broad-based education relevant to the needs of the generation and equips educational institutions with the latest and the best in educational tools and technologies.Study in Singapore offers a holistic experience which goes way beyond books and campus life. The country features a life-changing experience of studying abroad and helps an individual in gaining fresh perspectives and get inspired by whatever is happening around the globe. This country narrates a saga of enchanting fusion of cutting-edge infrastructure and a world-class education system. There is a unique medley of Eastern and Western cultures in Singapore that garnishes the charm of studying here and fulfilling your career goals. It serves to be a melting pot of cultures.

Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia, offering a diverse and distinctive combination of educational services in a secure, cosmopolitan and comfortable environment. Driven by excellence, Singapore Education offers a broad-based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualifications and training that serve as a springboard to a brighter future.

Singapore, apart from being a financial hub, a buzzing place, a marvelous economy; is a flourishing study abroad destination of topmost priority for people from all over the world! Not many people are aware of its USP as the same and thats where its advantage lies! Worthy possessions, enthralling job openings and potential business alternatives, many such facets are still unexplored and a lot can be added, courtesy the skills that would be brought in by the impending new immigrants to Singapore.

About Education system

To enroll international students, a college must be having certification from Edu Trust.


EduTrust is a voluntary certification scheme for Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. The EduTrust certification scheme is administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE), a statutory board established in 2009 for regulating, developing and raising the quality standards in the private education sector. The EduTrust certification scheme is voluntary; however, private education institutions enrolling international students must be EduTrust-certified. This is to address one of the prerequisites for the issue of Student Passes as formed by the Checkpoints Authority.

A private education institutions performance determines the type of EduTrust certification award given by the Council for Private Education.

Certification Validity Period Characteristics
EduTrust Star Education 4 Years This award is given to a private institution for having excelled in all key areas of management and the provision of quality education services. This mark is also a symbol of recognition for sustained efforts in Organizational improvement.
EduTrust 4 Years This award is given to a private education institution for having achieved satisfactory to commendable performance in key areas of management and the provision of educational services.
EduTrust Provision 1 Year This award is given to a private education institution which has attained a minimum level of performance in key areas of management and the provision of educational services. In accepting the award, the organisation acknowledges the need for improvement in its existing management practices and service Provisions, and strives to achieve this.


All EduTrust-certified private education institutions are required to follow the given regulations:

  • Collect no more than 12 months of fees from their students
  • Protect the fees paid by all local and international students. This can be done through an escrow bank account or insurance scheme provided by appointed service provider.


If a private education institution arranges for the protection of students fees via an escrow bank account, you will deposit all fees into that account instead of making payment directly to the private education institution. Funds in the escrow bank account would be disbursed at regular intervals to the private education institution, only if specified milestones and conditions are met


If a private education institution arranges for the protection of students’ fees via an insurance scheme, your fees would be protected by insurance coverage purchased for you by the private education institution. The insurance is to be purchased at the point you pay the private education institution. If the money is transferred via e-banking to the private education institution, the private education institution would be required to purchase the insurance within three days.

Study Visa Singapore – Visa Procedure

Document Required for Visa

Read all the steps for study visa for Singapore :

  • ICA’s Form 16 & New V36
  • Photocopy of applicant’s travel documents.
  • Photocopy of applicants original birth certificate or other documentary evidence of Birth with both parents’ name if there is no Birth Certificate. In cases where a Notarial Certificate is submitted, a photocopy of the official Birth Document or other documentary evidence must still be included.
  • Educational Certificates & Transcripts. In cases where a Notarial Certificate is submitted, a copy of the Education Certificate and result transcripts must still be included.
  • 2 Passport sized photos.
  • Documentary proof of financial ability. (for visa required countries)
    Bank statement/fixed deposit accounts/savings accounts
    Parent’s letter of employment stating salary earned.
  • Photocopy of applicant’s letter of employment, if any.

VISA Processing Chart

1. Apply to College with Academic Document & Passport

2. Receiving Letter of Offer within 2 to 3 days

3. Arrange all required Document (mention above) for Visa filling

4. File Lodge in ICA through College

5. Getting Solar + Application No

6. ICA generally takes a processing time of 4 to 8 weeks for making decision on Application.(Processing time may take longer if we require additional information or Document)

7. After IPA (In Approval Principal) deposit fee in College Account

8. Receiving IPA Letter



Student Pass

A Student’s Pass allows a foreigner to stay in Singapore for the purposes of study. A foreigner is required to apply for a Student’s Pass if he/she has been accepted by an education institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore, unless he/she is a:

  • Dependants Pass holder studying in a Government/ Government-Aided/ Independent school/ Foreign System School/ Kindergarten registered with MOE or Childcare centre licensed by MCYS;
  • Immigration Exemption Order holder; or
  • Visitor who has been granted a short-term Social Visit Pass at the Singapore Checkpoint and intends to attend a short course that can be completed within the validity of the initial Social Visit Pass granted to him/her at the Singapore Checkpoint or 30 days, whichever is shorter.

The course must:

  • be a complete module and stand-alone module of its own. Courses with multiple programme modules are not included in this Student’s Pass exemption scheme; and
  • not involve hands-on practical occupational training and/or industrial attachment which have interaction with walk-in customers or be conducted at premises that are also places of business, e.g. hair salons and beauty salons. Depending on the type of education institution that a foreigner is intending to study in, the requirements and procedures for applying for a Student’s Pass will differ. Please check with the education institution you intend to study with for more information.

Colleges Names

  • EASB Institute.
  • TMC Education
  • ERC Institute.
  • Dimensions International College
  • Coleman College
  • STEI Institute
  • SHRM College


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