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Mr. Rob Simcson Exective Principle of EDENZ College
Mr. Rob The Director of NZIE (New Zealand Institute of Education)
Mr. Kumar from TAFE SA
Ms. Tina Hou The Director of IIBT (International Institute of Business & Technology)
Bhupinder Singh (Australia Visa)
Jatinder Singh (New Zealand Visa)
Dilpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Harpreet Singh (Australia Visa)
Jujhar Singh (Australia Visa)
Kawalpreet Singh (New Zealand Visa)
Manbir (Canada Visa)
Manreet Kaur (New Zealand Visa)
Navdeep Singh Mehra (Singapore Visa)
Kamaljit Kaur Sidhu ( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Jagdeep Kaur (Canada Visa)
Kamaldeep Kaur (New Zealand Visa)
Sanchit Palta (New Zealand Visa)
Sukhchain Kaur (Australia Visa)
Sukhveer Kaur (Australia Visa)
Simranjit Singh (New Zealand Visa)
Aman Atwal (Australia Visa)
Bunty (Australia Visa)
Sandeep Kaur (New Zealand Visa)
Gaganpreet Kaur (Canada Visa)
Kamaldeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Jasvir Mander (Australia Visa)
Mandeep Kaur Gill (Australia Visa)
Simranjit Singh Sokhal (Australia Visa)
Navandeep Singh Lotey (Canada Visa)
Rushpinder Kaur (Canada Visa)
Mandeep Kaur Deol (Australia Visa)
Parampreet Kaur Brar (Australia Visa)
Gurpreet Kaur (New Zealand Visa)
Gurpreet Kaur (New Zealand Visa)
Bhupinder Singh Hansra (UK Visa)
Manpreet Kaur Dandiwal (Australia Visa)
Kulwant Singh Johal (Australia Visa)
Gurpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Navdeep Singh Sidhu (Australia Visa)
Mandeep kaur Sohi (Australia Visa)
Gaganpreet Singh (Australia Visa)
Ravinder Singh Monga (Australia Visa)
Navpreet Singh (Singapore Visa)
Sonia Arora (New Zealand Visa)
Kuljeet Singh (Australia Visa)
Maninder Singh (Australia Visa)
Shubham Modgill (Australia Visa)
Gurpreet Singh Kochar (New Zealand Visa)
Santosh Yadav (Canada Visa)
Rahilpal Sharma (Australia Visa)
Lovepreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Mandeep Kaur (Australian Visa)
Davinder Singh Sidhu (Canada Visa)
Veerdeep Kaur (Australian Visa)
Polwinder Sharma (Australian Visa)
Kunal Khera (New Zealand Visa)
Jappanpreet Singh (Australian Visa)
Ravinder Kaur Hari (Australia Visa)
Satwinder Singh (New Zealand Visa)
Harpreet Singh Goraya (Australia Visa)
Dilpreet (Canada Visa)
Hardeep Singh (Australia Visa)
Manpreet Kaur Bhangu (Australia Visa)
Rajveer Kaur Sohal (Australia Visa)
Ramjot Kaur (Australia Visa)
Taranjit Kaur (Australia Visa)
Manpreet Kaur Brar (Australia Visa)
Jyoti Saluja (Australia Visa)
Surinder Singh Virk (Australia Visa)
Ramandeep Kaur Gill (Australia Visa)
Davinder Singh (New Zealand Visa)
Manjinder Singh Rangi (Australia Visa)
Jagmohan Kaur (Australia Visa)
Mandeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Manpreet Kaur Hari (Australia Visa)
Sandeep Kaur Gill (Australia Visa)
Ganga Singh (Australia Visa)
Satnam Singh (Australia Visa)
Davjot Kaur (Canada Visa)
Jaskirat Singh Sethi (New Zealand Visa)
Mukul Vij (Australia Visa)
Sukhdeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Gaurav Bhalla (Australia Visa)
Rajinder Singh Sidhu (Australia Visa)
Jaspreet Singh Sidhu (Australia Visa)
Prabhsimran Kaur (Australia Visa)
Maninderjeet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Karan Verma (New Zealand Visa)
Sagar Verma (Australia Visa)
Kiranpreet Kaur (Australia VIsa)
Rubinder Singh Dhindsa (Australia Visa)
Harpreet Singh Bhangu (Australia Visa)
Manpreet kaur (Australia Visa)
Gursewak Singh (Australia Visa)
Jagdeep Singh Sidhu (Australia Visa)
Harpreet Kaur Gill (Australia Visa)
Baljeet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Baljit Kaur (Australia Visa)
Jasmeet Kaur (Canada Visa)
Gaganpreet Singh Billing (Australia Visa)
Harpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Prashant Sharma (Australia Visa)
Rampreet Singh (Australia Visa)
Saminder Kaur (Australia Visa)
Kuldeep Kaur Baath (Australia Visa)
Sukhpreet Singh Chinna (Canada Visa)
Mandeep Kaur Cheema (Australia Visa)
Gagandeep Singh (Australia Visa)
Lovepreet singh (Australia Visa)
Harmanpreet Singh Gill (Australia Study Visa)
Gursimran Singh Dhillon(Canada Study Visa)
Amandeep Kaur Brar(Australian Study Visa)
Amandeep Singh Gondara(Australian Study Visa)
Jasveer Kaur(Australian Study Visa)
Balkaran Singh Panaich(Australia Study Visa)
Vimmy(Australia Study Visa)
Mr.Rodrigo(Senior International Recruitment Manager at Education Centre of Australia)
Gagandeep Kaur sidhu (La trobe University)
Rajdeep Kaur (Australia Study Visa)
Rajwinder Singh (La trobe University)
Randeep Singh (The University of New castle)
Ravinder kaur (Shafston College)
Sandeep Kaur & Varinder Pal Singh (University of Southern Queensland)
Sandeep kaur (Martin College)
Kirandeep kaur, ACMT
Manpreet Singh (La Trobe University)
Navdeep Kaur (AAPoly,Australia)
Ramandeep Kaur & Rupinder Singh(University of New castle ,Australia)
Rekha Rani (University of New castle ,Australia)
Amanpreet Kaur (Avondale College)
Jaspreet Kaur Rupal (University of Southern Queensland)
Ramandeep Kaur & Parvin Singh Gokhiyal (La Trobe University)
Simranjeet Kaur (University of Southern Queensland)
Arshdeep Kaur (ACMT)
Gurpreet kaur Sodhi (La Trobe University)
Harman Gill (ACMT)
Mohit Sharma (VIT)
Prabhjot Kaur (Australia Institute of Business & Technology )
Puneetpal Kaur (Spouse) (La Trobe Univeristy)
Harman Gill (Australia Study Visa)
Harmanjot Singh (Australia Study Visa)
Manpreet Kaur (Australia Study Visa)
Yadwinder singh Deol (Australia Study Visa)
Ramandeep Kour (Australian Study Visa)
Dipesh Australian Study Visa (Nawanshahr branch)
Gurwinder Singh (Australian Study Visa)
Jashanpreet Kaur (Australian Study Visa)
Navdeep Kaur Bajwa (Australian Study Visa) (Nawanshahr branch)
Prabhjot Kaur (Australian Study Visa)
Ramandeep kaur (Canada Study Visa)
JOBINDERPREET SINGH (Australian Study Visa)
Ramanpreet Singh Virk (Australian Study Visa)
Yogeshwar Singh (Australia Visa)
Taranjit Singh (Australia Visa)
Kiranpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Anmol Sharma (Canada Visa)
Karamveer Kaur Sandhu (Australia Visa)
Pritpal Singh (Australia Visa)
Jaspreet Kaur Cheema (Australia Visa)
Rohit (Canada Visa)
Gagandeep Singh Dhillon (Canada Visa)
Parkashdeep Singh Gill (Australia Visa)
Ramandeep Singh (Canada Visa)
Sandep Kaur Dandiwal (New Zealand Visa)
Kulwinder Singh Jhajj (Australia Visa)
Manjot Kaur Dhaliwal (Australia Visa)
Mandeep Kaur (Australian Visa)
Kamaljeet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Ishita Chopra (Australia Visa)
Simarjeet Kaur Chahal (Australia Visa)
Navjot Kaur (Australia Visa)
Jaspreet Kaur Dhillon (Australia Visa)
Jasveer Kaur Toor (Australia Visa)
Hitesh Mittal (Australia Visa)
Lovedeep Singh Pannu (Australia Visa)
Sandeep Kaur (Canada Visa)
Navneet Singh (Australia Visa)
Gagandeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Amandeep Singh Batth (Australia Visa)
Amandeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Navjeet Kaur Pannu (Australia Visa)
Kamaljeet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Lovepreet Kaur Sidhu (Australia Visa)
Kajalpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Rasleen Kaur (Australia Visa)
Gagandeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Harbir Kaur Panaich (Australia Tourist Visa)
Gurpreet Kaur (Australia visa)
Chilman Sharma (Australia Visa)
Ramandeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
PreetKanwal Singh Garcha (Australia Visa)
Amandeep Singh Mangat (Canada Visa)
Harpreet Singh Brar (Australia Visa)
Prince Pandey (New Zealand Visa)
Arshdeep Kaur (Australia Visa)
Harjot Kaur Tiwana (Australia Visa)
Satinder Kumar (Australia Visa)
Amritpal Singh (Australia Visa)
Paramjit Kaur (Australia Visitor Visa)
Rajpreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Sukhjivan Singh (Australia Visa)
Anupinder Kaur (Australia Visa)
Jasdeep Boparai (Australia Visa)
Jaspreet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Tejinder Singh (Australia spouse visa)
Shelly Mahajan (Australia visa)
Angrej Singh (Australia Spouse visa)
Harman Singh (Canada Visa)
Pawanjeet Kaur (Australia Visa)
Baldev Singh Dhaliwal & Jaswinder Kaur Dhaliwal ( Australia Tourist Visa)
Shradha Sachdeva (Australia Visa)
Ratinder Kaur Bhangu ( Australia Spouse Visa)
Balsher Singh ( Australia Visa)
Simarjit Kaur ( Australia Visa with Spouse )
Jagmeet Singh Boparai ( Australia Spouse Visa)
Shilpa Rana ( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Lovedeep Grewal( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Arshdeep Singh ( Australia Spouse Visa)
Amandeep Kaur ( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Gurvinder Singh ( Australia Visa)
Kuldeep Kaur ( Australia Visa)
Jagdev Mann ( Australia Visa)
Muskan Chhabra ( Australia Visa)
Onkar Singh (Australia Visa)
Amanjot Kaur Grewal ( Canada Visa)
Rupinder Kaur (Australia Visa with Spouse)
Navjot Kaur ( Australia Visa)
Karamjeet Kaur Deol (Australia Visa with Spouse)
Balpreet Kaur (Australia Visa with Spouse)
Taranjit kaur ( Canada Visa)
Ramandeep Kaur ( Canada Visa)
Varinder Singh ( Canada Visa)
Urvashi Bassi ( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Kuljeet Singh ( Canada Visa)
Harwinder Singh ( Canada Visa)
Paras Sharma ( Australia Visa)
Harmanjot Singh Mander ( Canada Visa)
Hardeep Singh ( Australian Visitor Visa)
Ekam Singh ( Australian Dependent Visa)
Nancy Arora ( Australia Study Visa)
Satwinder Singh (Australia Study Visa)
Jasleen Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Davinder Singh ( Australia Visa)
Manjinder Kaur ( Australia Visa)
Sukhjit Kaur ( Australia Spouse Visa)
Shivam Sharma ( Canada Visa)
Mehakpreet Singh ( Australia Visa)
Jatinder kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Prabhleen Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Rajbir Singh(Australia Study Visa)
Satnam Singh Bharaj ( Australia Study Visa)
Navpreet Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Gagandeep kaur ( Australia Study Visa with Spouse)
Pushpinder Singh Brar ( Australia Dependent visa)
Ramandeep kaur ( Australia Study Visa with Spouse)
Baljit Singh Sidhu ( Australia Study Visa)
Navjot Kaur ( Canada Study visa)
Tanu Sharma ( Australia Study visa)
Simranjit Singh ( Australia Study visa)
Rupinder Kaur Sidhu ( Australia Study Visa)
Navdeep Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Ramandeep Kaur ( Australia visa with Spouse)
Ramandeep Singh( Australia Study Visa)
Gagandeep Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Ranveer Singh Uppal ( Australia Study Visa)
Harneet Kaur ( Australia Study Visa with Spouse)
Harmail Singh Sidhu ( Australia Dependent Visa)
Manpreet Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Harmanjeet Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Lakhwinder Kaur Brar( Australia Study Visa)
Karan Saini ( Australia Study Visa)
Rajat Kumar ( Australia Study Visa)
Jaspal Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Deepak Bhandari ( Australia Study Visa)
Satinder Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Pankaj Saini ( Australia Study visa)
Simranjeet Singh Battu ( Australia Study Visa)
Ramandeep Kaur ( Australia Study Visa with Spouse)
Ankush Bansal ( Australia Study Visa)
Arshdeep Kaur Bajwa ( Australia Study Visa)
Rajat Dua ( Australia Study Visa)
Manpreet Kaur Toor ( Australia Visa with Spouse)
Parminder Kaur Grewal ( Australia Study Visa)
Gurwinder Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Kulwant Singh Maan ( Australia Study Visa)
Gurjot Kaur ( Australia Study Visa)
Amandeep Kaur Aulakh ( Newzealad Study Visa)
Ravneet Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Harmandeep Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Gyan Singh ( Australia Study Visa)
Kirti Kansal ( Australia Study Visa)
Jasneet Kaur Khela ( Australia visa with Spouse)

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