Welcome to our education point

  • “Success is possible only when we have a commitment to action”

    Many a time I wonder why whatever is coming into our lives now couldn’t come a long time back. Look into any aspect; be in mammoth flyovers; the stem cells or the laser surgeries. Then I realize that each aspect has to first be sown, given the leverage of its gestation period, infancy and then comes the shape and features. So is education year after year we are evolving and growing. Year after year your faith builds up my faith in our ‘karma’ and that our approach to a total merit, quality and righteousness has paid us. The sole reason of our growth has been minutely understanding our weak-links and cementing them to convert those to our strengths. As mankind evolves, there is bound to be a stiffer competition but in the thick of this competition there always has been a survivor. Thus it will go on. Lot many things to be pumped up in, lot many new strategies, lot many progressive ideas and their implementation and lot many hopes will see “Smart Study” go up the holder.

    “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day”

    The most significant feature of democracy is its ability to self-correct itself. That means its liberal approach of incorporating whatever wrongs are brought forth. I suppose, it applies to every organization which dreams of seeing its graph go up, if we lack the courage of self- correcting, that means we are giving beverage to our failure, which with a period of time will get big, bigger & biggest resulting into catastrophe –thus on day to day basis I get into everything, after going by rationale, take decisions. As such realizing the sacred value of education, I look into every aspect in the institution where quality needs to be enhanced I foresee a brighter tomorrow observing the zeal zest. Thus “Go On “is the slogan that I evolve. Hope must never die because hope sustains till death may every student diffuse goodness & May our students stand class apart, I wish and I pray.